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My iPhone takes great photos. You want me to pay that much for photos?! What do you mean you're a motherhood photographer- are dads involved?

These are questions I hear often, And I'll tell you 5 reasons why you should stop taking iPhone photos, and hire me. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Family Photographer


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Giving birth is an intimate experience that’s worth documenting. And no, I don’t mean by your partner shakily filming between your legs. Every mother’s birth story is different, and every story deserves to be told through artful, yet incredibly real, images. I totally get it. The thought of a complete stranger in the room while […]

Why I Should be Your Birth Photographer


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Welcoming a new baby brother or sister to the family is no small feat. Your kids may have a lot of questions about pregnancy, birth, and what to expect when the new baby comes.

Preparing for a New Baby? 8 Books to Read to Your Children About Their New Sibling


A dad reads his son a book in his bedroom by Meredith McCann Photography

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I’ve found that neutral colors tend to look the best in photos, so stay away from dark colors and bold or busy prints. Choosing an outfit with a print is perfectly fine, but I recommend the print be minimal and subtle.

How to Style Your Partner for a Photo Session


couple at golden hour maternity meredith mccann photography san marcos tx

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Styling your clients can be a daunting task without the right tools. Here are my best tips on how to style your clients without stretching your wallet. Create an Amazon wishlist After taking your client’s personal style into consideration, compile a list of pieces that would work best for the shoot. Give them options to […]

For Photographers: How to Style Your Clients without Spending a Dime


Maternity client in a field in austin texas by meredith mccann photography

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How to Choose a Location for your Travel Photoshoot Guess what!? I’m adding a little adventure to my photography services. I’m now offering destination photoshoot options to all of my clients! We’ve all seen those magazine-worthy family photos with a stunning beach or mountain backdrop. If you’ve always dreamed of taking photos in a breath-taking […]

How to Choose a Location for Your Family Travel Photo Shoot


Family Photo Shoot on Texas Coast Beach

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It’s been an amazing two plus years of my photography business and client work. From starting in lifestyle to niching to motherhood and birth, now offering travel for my family clients- businesses and visions evolve. And my editing is no exception. One thing that I have invested in for this year are mentorships and education. […]

The Evolution of My Editing


motherhood photo in austin texas reclamation dress

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Choosing an outfit for your maternity photo session can be difficult. Your body has changed quite a bit over the last few months, and finding an outfit that is both comfortable and flattering can seem like an impossible task. As a motherhood and maternity photographer, it’s my job to make you look and feel your […]

What to Wear to Your Maternity Session


maternity session by meredith mccann photography austin tx reclamation dress

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So, what does a Motherhood photographer do? I capture all stages of motherhood. Maternity, adoption ceremonies, foster family sessions, family sessions, newborn and I’m so excited to be venturing into birth photography.

What is a Motherhood Photographer and Why Should You Hire One?


Motherhood photo with mother and two daughters by meredith mccann photography new braunfels texas

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I hear a lot from parents and friends that they would love to book a photo session with me, except that their kid (kids) never smile and that the last photo session was a disaster. When everyone ends up crying at the end of a photo session, and not in a good way, something has […]

Why it’s OK when your kids won’t smile

family photography

A mother holds her infant and toddler daughters in a garden meredith mccann photography

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Documenting Birth When I used to think about documenting births, what comes to mind is that image of the dad with the giant camcorder in between his wife’s legs. He’s annoying, sort of comical and just not the vibe that most mothers want. Telling my friends and family this was the photography niche I wanted […]

Hiring a Birth Photographer

birth photography

A husband helps his wife breathe during birth in a hospital meredith mccann photography

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"Meredith’s eye for capturing people doing people things is SO GOOD. You want your special memories of yourself and loved ones to be real and authentic, not staged or cheesy. She has an eye for location and aesthetic. She values relationship, family, and has a certain timelessness to her work that is important to me for family portraits that I want to last. "

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