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My iPhone takes great photos. You want me to pay that much for photos?! What do you mean you're a motherhood photographer- are dads involved?

These are questions I hear often, And I'll tell you 5 reasons why you should stop taking iPhone photos, and hire me. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Family Photographer


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Documenting Birth When I used to think about documenting births, what comes to mind is that image of the dad with the giant camcorder in between his wife’s legs. He’s annoying, sort of comical and just not the vibe that most mothers want. Telling my friends and family this was the photography niche I wanted […]

Hiring a Birth Photographer

birth photography

A husband helps his wife breathe during birth in a hospital meredith mccann photography

what clients are saying

"Meredith’s eye for capturing people doing people things is SO GOOD. You want your special memories of yourself and loved ones to be real and authentic, not staged or cheesy. She has an eye for location and aesthetic. She values relationship, family, and has a certain timelessness to her work that is important to me for family portraits that I want to last. "

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